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Dennis Rodman has deservedly garnered a reputation of a reckless and somewhat erratic personality in the world of sports. He was nicknamed “The Worm” for goodness sake. Rodman’s off the court antics often overshadowed his remarkable defense and rebounding play on the court to some would argue actually hurt the athlete’s legacy.  Rodman stint with the Bad Boy Pistons seemed to be the perfect fit for man who could have cared less if he had five flagrant fouls called on him.  However, backstage politics and strained relationships would see The Worm get shipped to San Antonio before landing on to a Chicago Bulls team in 1995 that had gotten eliminated by the Orlando Magic the year prior. Coached by Phil Jackson and led by Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bulls seemed to be the perfect place to tame a beast as vicious and ferocious as Rodman. It was a hit or miss situation for the Bulls. Fortunately, it worked in their favor and provided that rebounding and shot blocking presence that they sorely lacked in previous years.


In 1996, Dennis Rodman wore the Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt in place of his low-top Air Worm Ndestrukt.  Rodman endorsed the shoe during the Bulls historic ’96 season and eventually became the face of the shoe. You need a bizarre shoe to complement a bizarre person and so was the purpose of the Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt. The Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt featured a patent leather upper above an Air Jordan 11-esque mudguard, and medial side lacing system that was viewed by many as taboo at the time. The Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt embodies Dennis Rodman to a tee. It garnered a cult-like following amongst fans for its innovative look and for the man who laced them up every game. It’s hard not to look at the Nike Air Shake Ndestrukt and not develop an immense sense of curiosity and attraction to it. Which is why I can’t fathom to comprehend why Nike hasn’t retroed the shoe to date?

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  1. Where can i find the dennis rodman air shakes.