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Have you ever called into work sick in order to make a doctor’s appointment…spent hours in a waiting room?  How about paid expensive co-pays or ER fees?  I could honestly formulate numerous scenarios but now there’s one common solution, Telehealth.

Already recognized as a leader in the travel industry by affiliates such as Priceline, Carnival, Royal Carribean and FunJet Vacations, Paycation has recently launched a number of essential services for both residential and commercial consumers.  Amongst these services is a ground breaking Telehealth service, Paycation MD, which reimagines healthcare as we know it.

Paycation MD gives members access to top quality healthcare and savings, wherever and whenever needed. The program includes a network of U.S. board certified doctors, available to resolve medical issues by phone or online video, 24/7. Doctors can diagnose, recommend treatment and write non- DEA controlled prescriptions. In addition, members will have access to special savings and discounts on health care needs such as prescriptions, dental, vision, labs and more. A Prescription Savings Card allows members and their families to pay a discounted fee at the point of service for both name-brand and generic prescriptions at widely recognized participating pharmacy locations nationwide, including independent and local neighborhood pharmacies.

Features & Benefits

Medical Savings

Paycation MD provides members with convenience and cost savings to traditional doctor and hospital visits. For one low monthly price members save time and money when needing medical care. A recent survey showed the value of a Telehealth program.

Paycation MD

The Paycation MD platform is a fraction of the cost of Urgent Care, Primary Care and Emergency Room visits and what’s worse is not getting treatment at all. With today’s fast moving viruses and limited access to health systems it is important to identify and treat a potential problem before it becomes a major health issue.


Timely Healthcare

The Paycation MD is built for member convenience. No need to waste hours at the doctors office, urgent care facility or emergency room.

Paycation MD

Members don’t have to leave work in order to consult with a physician. With The Paycation MD, members get timely treatment – resulting in reduced workforce absenteeism, and decreased probability of spreading infections to other employees, friends or family members. A study entitled, Treading Water: Americans’ Access to Needed Medical Care, showed that 81% of patients did not get Physician Care because of time and no immediate access to local care providers.

Paycation MD


Secure & User Friendly

The user-friendly platform is HIPAA compliant and very easy to use. Members simply log into the Telehealth platform via a computer, tablet or smart phone and simply select phone or video consultation. Within minutes you are on your way to great healthcare. Paycation MD is changing the way healthcare is performed.

Paycation MD

So how much does this service cost? For only $29.95 to enroll and a $19.95 monthly subscription fee you can take advantage of all of the benefits of Paycation MD.  Receive quality health care from certified physicians…at your fingertips.  Take advantage of convenient consultations with no office visits, no waiting rooms…just answers.  Eliminate doctor’s office & ER visit copays. Start Saving Now!

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